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First United Methodist Preschool provides a warm and nurturing, yet challenging, environment in which children can grow and develop physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for children to develop to their full potential and become confident and eager learners. The attitudes of the staff and the conditions of the learning environment affirm the value of each child.

Through the Preschool Partners of Virginia Peninsula, First United Methodist Preschool has earned a three-star rating from the Virginia Star Quality Initiative, which defines standards for early childhood education and creates a framework for accountability. The Preschool also maintains an annual Religious

Exemption from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

All teaching staff of First United Methodist Preschool must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma, and a minimum of a Child Development Credential, with either an Associates or Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education preferred. All staff members are required to attend conferences and workshops throughout the year, and must maintain current certification in Basic First Aid and in Infant and Child CPR.

Tuition is charged for this program. For more information or call (757)595-4652 weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our development program is that children learn through play. Each child will experience concepts at his/her own pace. There will be specific planned activities, both for groups and individuals, which follow routines for each day. The program includes activities which alternate between quiet and active times. Stories, music, art, games, and many other hands-on learning activities are included in our program. Children are also given time to themselves as needed. A block of time is set aside daily for the children to choose their own activities. Self-help and independence are encouraged at all times in accordance with the age and development of each child.

General Class Information

Weather permitting, there are at least thirty minutes of outside play each day. On days that we cannot go outside, other opportunities for large muscle development are provided.

A schedule is posted in each classroom. Also posted are weekly lesson plans that include the themes and activities that will be covered in the classroom. All classes attend music three times a week. The Chapel program meets twice a month.
Although denominational doctrines are not taught at First United Methodist Preschool, basic Christian values are presented as part of the daily routine. We say grace before eating and use Bible stories as part of our curriculum.

2½ Year Old Program

This program stresses interaction with children and adults, learning to separate from parents and functioning within a classroom setting. Basic concepts such as color and shape recognition are included. Meets Monday – Friday.

K3 Program

Three and five day classes are offered. The focus of this program is social development. Children practice the skills of cooperation, sharing, and problem solving techniques as they operate within a group. Counting and letter recognition are introduced.

K4 Program

Three and five day classes are offered. This program provides developmentally appropriate activities that reinforce letter recognition formation, sounds, and number concepts. Kindergarten readiness skills are also stressed.

Extended Care

Early drop-off, lunch bunch, and afternoon adventures are offered to all First United Methodist Preschool students. For more information on extended care, call 595-4652.

Entrance Requirements

Children must be 30 months old by September 4th to be eligible for the 2½ year old class. Children must turn three by September 30th for the K3 class and four by September 30th for the K4 class.

For registration information or other questions, please e-mail us at First United Methodist Preschool or call (757)595-4652.